Portfolio Management Service




The management of investment portfolio tailored according to your need by a professional money manager is called Portfolio Management Service. Investment portfolio contains stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and individual securities. Different people have different investment objectives and a portfolio manager’s job is to curate the investment portfolio accordingly.

Investing in PMS = You are the owner of individual securities.
This is different from mutual fund investor where he owns the units of entire fund. With PMS, your account will be unique and you will have complete freedom to look after it. Your portfolio manager will simply provide the expertise so that you reach your financial goals smoothly.



Discretionary Portfolio manager manages funds of each client as per the requirement of the client and gives discretion during the time of investment. Non-discretionary Portfolio manager manages and invest funds as per the direction of the client. We, at Lakewater provide only discretionary PMS presently.

Yes. PMS is supervised and regulated by SEBI. In order to provides Portfolio Management Service, the entity has to be registered with SEBI. The services in India is provided by specialized PMS entities, asset management companies and brokerage houses.

• Resident Individuals
• Hindu Undivided Families (HUF)
• Body corporate (Private/Public)
• Trust (Registered)
• Non Resident Indian (NRI)*
• Partnership Firms or any other eligible investor (* Subject to RBI approval)

Any individual who is 18 years and above and a resident or non-resident of India can open an account. Also, a minimum investment amount of INR 50,00,000 is needed.

Of course! Our investors should feel free to request an appointment with us and we will promptly arrange a meeting with our PM to discuss your portfolio or answer other investments related queries.

No, PMs cannot impose lock-in on the investment.
But they can charge exit fees as stated in the agreement in case of an early exit by the client.

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